Monday, January 22, 2007

Your Midterm...

Ok, here’s the format for the Midterm:

Part I: No Calculators
11 Questions

Part II: Calculators allowed (but not necessarily necessary!)
31 Questions

For the No Calculator section, all answers should be reduced to simplest form. This section is obviously much shorter than the Calculator portion, so budget your time accordingly.

Each question will be worth 5 points. Partial credit on any question will be available, but only if work is shown.

The midterm will be identical for all 5 sections of Precalculus, which means section 4.5 (Parametric Functions) and 6.6 (Vector Addition) won’t be covered. However, they will be on the final, so don’t forget them!

As far as reviewing, my advice is unchanged: previous tests, quizzes and the weekly challenges are the best place to start. After that, the practice tests at the end of each chapter should also prove helpful! I’ll be available for the hour after school on Wednesday, then a break for lunch. I’ll be back in my classroom mid-afternoon, hanging out and answering questions until everyone collapses from exhaustion.

Seriously, make sure you get a good night’s rest before the test on Thursday. Lack of sleep is a poor excuse for poor performance. A well-rested mind will do much better than a fuzzy one. Also, eat a healthy breakfast!

Finally, don’t let this be you:

Good luck on Thursday!