Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Friday's Quest Topics

Here’s a list of topics for Friday’s test:

Precalculus Chapter 14 Test Topics:
Find terms – arithmetic sequence (determine pattern)
Find terms – geometric sequence (determine pattern)
Definitions of sequences and series
Find terms – arithmetic series (use information)
Determine type of sequence and justify
Determine terms of a sequence – unknown type
Determine terms of a series – unknown type
Explain your method of determination/pattern of series
Determine terms of a sequence (determine pattern)
Determine terms of a series (given pattern)
Determine value of n for given term in a series/sequence
Determine term(s) of a binomial expansion
Word problem – analysis of arithmetic and geometric sequences
Arithmetic series – determine formula, apply formula
Geometric series – determine formula, apply formula
Partial sums of arithmetic and geometric series
Infinite sums of geometric series
Sigma notation

11 questions on the non-calculator portion, 14 on the calculator portion. Since this chapter was so short, each question will be worth 3 points instead of 5, making this a “quest” instead of a test. That’s it! I’ll be around after school on Thursday afternoon, and in early on Friday.

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."
- Anton Chekhov

This strategy won't work on me:


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